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For those of you who are new to my campaign world , Hifalendor resembles ancient Rome, medieval Western Europe, or J.R.R. Tolkien’s Gondor (see list of realms below). The human kingdom of Saganim is similar to the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon realms of the early Middle Ages or Middle Earth’s Rohan.

The Skaevingol tribes of the barbaric Gusorin Confederation are similar to later Vikings and Slavs, while the Tsucharim riders are closer to Mongols. The culture of Suthern humans of the Halmed Desert is similar to that of the ancient Middle East and Arabia, and I partly based Zarendo Islander society on East Africa. Shengtese human society resembles that of East Asia.

Each of the nonhuman races is also influenced by real-world history. For example, the Elves of the Wisalef Forest are influenced by Celtic and Scandinavian lore.

Much of the politics in the " Vanished Lands " is driven by the interactions among these human nations, as well as with their demihuman and humanoid neighbors! Of course, no civilization is monolithic, and Player Characters are the brave minority who travel far and wide in search of lore, fortune, or fame.

Note that there are no Gypsies in the " Vanished Lands ." In fact, the Indo-European people of Hifalendor are ancestors of a wandering Roma tribe found later in my timeline — the steampunk “Gaslight Grimoire,” the superheroic “Societe de Justice Internationale,” and of course, the " Vortex " space opera.

Those looking for a more Central European culture should look to the Dwarves and Gnomes of the Zeda kingdom or the residents of the oppressed cities of Tekugi and Gisar.

If you’re looking for seminomadic cultures, the aforementioned Skaevingol and Tsucharim will do, as well as Centaurs, Wolven, the Grugach (Wild Elves) of the eastern Wisalef Forest, and the Vanaka (Dune Dwarves) and Bedoul of the Halmed Desert , among others. In addition, a handful of P.C.s have come from beyond the " Vanished Lands ," including Atlanteans, Hebrews, and Persians (it’s about 1230 B.C.E.).

This is a broad overview — as we zoom in to a particular locale, more details will emerge. Humans and demihumans exist throughout the “Vanished Lands,” and in a sandbox setting , the role-players determine where they want to explore!

Political Realms of the “Vanished Lands”

Realm : Blood Current
Location : Sea of Nagendwa , NNE
Capital, cities : Shark Island
Ruler : unknown
Races : Merrows (aquatic Ogres), Sahuagin (shark men)
General Alignment : NEc
Languages : Aquan, Orgul

Realm : Coral Kingdom
Location : Sea of Nagendwa, ENE
Capital, cities : Hando Island
Ruler : unknown
Races : Sea Spirit Folk (eastern Sea Elves), delphines
General Alignment : CGn
Languages : Aquan, Alvari, Cetacean, Shengtese

Realm : Dark Waters
Location : Sea of Nagendwa, SSE
Capital, cities : unknown
Ruler : unknown
Races : Aboleth, Kuo Toa (fish folk)
General Alignment : NEl
Languages : Aquan, Abyssal

Realm : Ebir Sheikdom
Location : Halmed Desert, SSW
Capital, cities : Falit, Galko
Ruler : Caliph Hassan al-Umid
Races : Suthern (proto-Arabic) humans
General Alignment : LNg
Languages : Suthern, Akkadian

Realm : Garku Nasit
Location : Halmed Desert, SSW
Capital, cities : Hontisso
Ruler : Sultan Chud Knightslayer
Races : Suthern humans, Goblinoids
General Alignment : LEn
Languages : Suthern, Goblinoid

Realm : Gusorin Confederation
Location : Plains of Sathendo, NNE
Capital, cities : Gisar, Tekugi, Lenfar
Ruler : council of tribes
Races : Tsucharim (proto-Mongol) and Skaevingol (proto-Slavic) tribes, humanoids (Wolven, Minotaurs)
General Alignment : CNe
Languages : Barbari

Realm : Kelp Kingdom
Location : Sea of Nagendwa, SSW
Capital, cities : Oceanis
Ruler : Council of the Waves
Races : Sea Elves (Thallasaquendi), Shal’verin (amphibious humanoids)
General Alignment : CGn_
Languages : Aquan, Alvari

Realm : Kingdom of Gokuri
Location : Bamor Mountains, NNE
Capital, cities : Gisokuri
Ruler : Queen Kagejusko (Nannuattan)
Races : Nannuattan (eastern Dark Elves), humanoids (Bakemono, Oni)
General Alignment : LEn
Languages : Bamoric, Barbari

Realm : Kingdom of Hifalendor
Location : Plains of Sathendo, WNW
Capital, cities : Hesolin, Nadwi
Ruler : King Akkon XII
Races : Hifalendorin (proto-Western European) humans, Harfoot Halflings, Centaurs
General Alignment : NGl
Languages : Hifalendorin (western human Common)

Realm : Kingdom of Saganim
Location: Plains of Sathendo, WNW
Capital, cities : Thadenis, Sileran
Ruler : King
Races : Saganim (proto-Celtic) humans, Pernicon (Locust folk)
General Alignment : NGc
Languages : Saganim

Realm : Kingdom of Zuromm
Location : Ivory Mountains, NNW
Capital, cities : Ugatton
Ruler : Drow queen, Orcish warlords
Races : Drow (western Dark Elves), Ogre-kin (Orcs, Ogres, Trolls), Goblinoids (Goblins, Hobgoblins, Kobolds)
General Alignment : NEc
Languages : Zuromm (Undercommon), Orgul, Goblin

Realm : Principality of Silado/Tong Sheng
Location : Plains of Sathendo, ENE
Capital, cities : Sogewa, Lirgad, Akilu
Ruler : Kou Fei Seng (Shengtese duke)
Races : Shengtese (eastern/Oriental) humans
General Alignment : LNg
Languages : Shengtese

Realm : Thellosia
Location : Sea of Nagendwa, WSW
Capital, cities : Thelos
Ruler :
Races : Merfolk, Otterkin, Tritons
General Alignment : CNg
Languages : Aquan

Realm : Waletku Kingdom
Location : Wisalef Forest, NNW
Capital, cities : Alfhileno, Alfendi
Ruler : King Ereval I
Races : Elves (Sylvan, High, Grey, Wild, Valley), Fey Folk (Faeries/Ellyhon), Faldine Halflings, Satyrs/Fauns
General Alignment : CGn
Languages : Alvari, Quelithan, Sylvan

Realm : Zarendo Islands (mixed)
Location : Zarendo Archipelago, Sea of Nagendwa, SSE
Capital, cities : Selifa
Rulers: Queen Zapanga; black dragons Artaxis and Zineida (on Bokor Island)
Races: east African humans, Reptile Folk, Beast-kin
General Alignment: CNg
Languages: Zarendo Islander, Draconic

Realm : Zeda Kingdom
Location : Ivory Mountains, NNW
Capital, cities : Doru
Ruler : Zorch Bertrand I
Races : Dwarves (Mountain/Deep, Hill, River), Gnomes (Forest, Rock, Svirfneblin), Woldan Halflings
General Alignment: LGn
Languages: Kestollan, Draluk

Realm: Zedu Kingdom
Location: Therud Forest, ENE
Capital, cities: Bazran Hai
Ruler: Hei Wan Ling (Korobokuru Shogun)
Races: eastern demihumans: Shan Sao, Spirit Folk (Bamboo, River), Korubokuru
General Alignment: NGc
Languages: Therudic, Shengtese

Setting Info

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