Sir Niac Eden

Mike F.'s Wolfen Barbarian/Paladin and shipwright in the D&D3.0 "Dragonslayers"


Player Character name: “Sir Niac Eden”

Role-player: Michael S.M.F.

Campaign: Gene D.’s " Vanished Lands " heroic fantasy, using the Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game (created using Dungeons & Dragons Edition 3.0)

  • Adventuring Party: 30 (Yb-2a) “the Dragonslayers,” 2002 to 2004 (Boston area)
  • Date revised: 20 August 2013/“27 October 1228 B.C.E.”

Basic Attributes:

  • Species/race: Wolfen
  • Sex: Male
  • Age (and apparent human age, if relevant): 21 (born “1249 B.C.E.”)
  • Height: 6 ft., 10 in.
  • Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Eyes, hair, complexion: Brown, gray

Alignment: Lawful Good, with Neutral tendencies (Ethics: Justice)

  • Patron deity: Otih, lord of the sun and justice

Occupation/Class: Barbarian/Paladin

  • Experience Level: 5/3

Abilities (and adjustments/bonuses; note order):

  • Strength: 19 (+4 to hit, damage for hand-to-hand, Fighter prime requisite; x10 = max. load)
  • Dexterity: 11 (0 bonus to ranged hit, Reflex save; prime for Thieves)
  • Constitution: 18 (+3 bonus to Hit Dice, Fortitude save)
  • Intelligence: 10 (0 bonus = no. of bonus languages besides native and Hifalendorin [western Common], prime for Magic Users)
  • Wisdom: 11 (0 bonus to Willpower save; prime for Clerics)
  • Charisma: 9 (0 bonus to reaction, followers; Bard, Sorcerer prime)

Derived statistics:

  • Languages known: Hifalendorin (western human common), Barbari (native)
  • Movement: 60 ft. per round
  • Armor Class: (see also armor under equipment below)
  • Base Attack Bonus: +5
  • Hit Points (and current, other effects):

Saving Throws :

  • Reflex (Dex): + 1 + 1 = +1
  • Fortitude (Con): + 1 + 1 = +4
  • Will (Wis): 0 + 3 = +3

Racial abilities: Tracking (scent), running

Class abilities: Paladins cast and turn as a Cleric -1 level.

  • Spells (and citations):
    • Lvl. 0 (orisons, 1; see “Libram Magica”): Call to Worship, Cure Minor Wounds, Dowse, Guidance, Hallow, Meal Blessing, Mend, Predict Weather, Virtue, Ward, Water to Wine
    • Lvl. 1 (1): Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Disruption, Light, Protection From Evil, Purify Food and Water, Refresh, Remove Fear, Resist Cold, Sanctuary
    • Lvl. 2: None yet
  • Turning: BFRPG pg. 50 (or a positive energy burst — 1d6 x Lvl. to heal foes or harm Undead within 30 ft., with a save)

Backgrounds/skills : Sailor, Shipwright, Survival

  • Foibles: Impatient

Equipment (by location, weight):

  • Clothing:
    • breeches, leather and wool x2
    • belt, black leather
    • boots, black leather
    • cloak, hooded, wool
    • tunics, cotton x2
  • Class tools:
    • Holy symbol of Otih — gold disc with sword in front of it
    • Holy water, 6 vials
  • Other gear:
    • Bedroll (1/person)
    • Climbing Kit
    • Crowbar
    • Flask (1/person)
    • Flint and steel
    • Lantern (1/wagon)
    • Manacles x 2
    • Oil (pint) x 20
    • Pick
    • Shovel
    • Silk rope, 50 ft. (1/person)
  • Rations:
    • Food and water (7 days for all)
  • On steed:
    • Bridle and tack
    • Covered wagons x2
    • Feed (7 days)
    • Horses (2/wagon; 2 “spare tires”) x 6
    • Wagon drivers x2
  • Magic items:
    • +1 Arrows x20
    • Cure Light Wounds potions 2/person
    • Cure Moderate Wounds potions x4 (Niac, Tetsuo, Kamar, Westly)
    • Cure Serious Wounds scroll (Tondra, Westly)
    • Neutralize Poison potion (Tetsuo, Kamar, Westly, Pruts)
    • Remove Paralysis scrolls x2 (Tondra)
    • Disrupt Undead Wand (50 shots; Cassandra)
  • Armor :
  • Melee weapons :
    • Great axe
    • Long sword
  • Ranged weapons (and ammunition, ranges):
    • Long bow, masterwork Strength


  • Copper pieces:
  • Silver pieces:
  • Electrum pieces:
  • Gold pieces:
  • Platinum pieces: 0
  • Gems (number, g.p. value): 0


  • Steed: none yet
  • Followers, strongholds: Ship-building shop

The carrack Dragon’s Bane:
~35,000 cu.ft. total, huge (75 ft. long x 25 ft. wide/beam x 18 ft. draft)

  • Barracks (x2, for 20 crew total): 2 stronghold spaces (per D&D3.0 Stronghold Builder’s Guide), 2,000 g.p.
  • Bath, basic (x2, bedrooms and barracks also have 3): 1 s.s., 800 g.p.
  • Bedrooms, fancy (for captain and first mate, total): 1 s.s., 4,000 g.p.
  • Bedrooms, fancy (for 10 passengers/party members, total): 5 s.s., 20,000 g.p.
  • Common Area, basic (top deck): 1 s.s., 500 g.p.
  • Dining Hall, basic (mess for 30 people): 2 s.s., 2,000 g.p.
  • Dock, basic (for loading cargo, ramps, 2 dinghies): 1 s.s., 500 g.p.
  • Guard Posts (x2-foc’stle and poop, total): 1 s.s., 600 g.p.
  • Kitchen, basic: 1 s.s., 2,000 g.p.
  • Masts: 3 (lanteen foresail 20 H.P., two square center rigs, 60 H.P., and rear mizzen lugsail 20 H.P.): 3 s.s.+, A.C. 3, speed 6/40, total of 3 weeks to make
  • Observation Station (from Dragon 295, crow’s nest): 0.5 s.s., 200 g.p.
  • Prison Cells (brig, x2): 1 s.s., 500 g.p.
  • Storage, basic (will vary based on remaining space; don’t forget to leave room for provisions and cargo): 1 s.s., 250 g.p.
  • Training Areas, combat and Rogue (top deck, includes rigging and artillery, total): 2 s.s., 3,000 g.p.
  • Workplace, basic (for various crew functions, including some fishing): 1 s.s., 2,000 g.p.

Here are some suggested options for your 10 open s.s., of which I recommend using only about half, to leave the rest for supplies/cargo:

  • Laboratory, fancy (combined alchemical, herbalist, and arcane): 2 s.s., 6,000 g.p.
  • Library, fancy (as per laboratory for topics, but not including most books): 1 s.s., 3,000 g.p.
  • Smithy, basic: 1 s.s., 500 g.p.
  • Stable, basic (used full size, for six horses): 2 s.s., 1,000 g.p.
  • Strong Room (“Dragon” 295; for armory, valuables) 1 s.s., 1,000 g.p.
  • Workplace, basic (for sick bay): 2,000 g.p. per 1 s.s.

To aid in mapping, I figure you’ll have three decks, from fore to aft:

  • Top Deck: guard posts/crow’s nest, workspace, mess hall and kitchen, sick bay, masts, common/training areas, dock
  • Crew Deck: crew quarters, cabins for officers and passengers/party, library and laboratory, armory
  • Hold: cargo, brig, head/bathrooms

Weaponry (there’s room for a total of 6 weapons on deck):

  • Catapult, light: 550 g.p. each, 3d6 Damage, 100 ft. min./160 ft. Range
  • Ballista: 500 g.p. each, 3d6 Damage, Range 120 ft.

Backstory :

c. 1231 B.C.E.: The privateers aboard the Dragon’s Bane, including shipwright Niac, sail the Sea of Nagendwa, meet aquatic races, and repel the dreaded ghost fleet from Hesolin. Former members of the “Dragonslayers” later explore Eagle’s Rest and Tel Silat [D&D3.5, 2002 to 2004]. They also help destroy the Flying Citadel, found the Gargoyle Headlands and a monastery/dojo, and slay the Undead gold dragon Daneira in the port of Gisar.

c. 1228 B.C.E.: Niac helped members of Vistel’s Circus root out corruption in Thadenis. He supported “Prince Corwin’s” [Bruce K.] effort to clear his name of false charges of murdering Lady Katarina (wife of Tiefling court mage Lord Dalek) and to challenge of half-brother Daven’s right to succession. Niac also formed a romantic attachment to Flind Ranger “Scully Strongbow” [Sara F.] and helped in uncovering cultists of Krakas, lord of the maelstrom.

  • Nationality/homeland/home town: The port of Gisar, in the Gusorin Confederation; current residence — Thadenis, the capital of the (proto-Celtic) human kingdom of Saganim
  • Family/mentors:
  • Description (mannerisms, image links, etc.):
  • Motivations:
  • Hobbies:

“The Dragonslayers,” Boston-area Player Character Party Yb-2a (Boston area, 2002 to 2004)

  • “Tetsuo ‘Silver-Ear’ Kaneda” [Paul J.]-male Sea Spirit Folk (Dimernesti/eastern Sea Elf) Monk; LGn, Lvl. 12
  • “Vasec Toomee” [Alex J.]-male Drow (western Dark Elf) Wizard/Loremaster, former “Liberator”; CGn, Lvl. 7/5
  • “Milos Valoren” [Beruk A.]-male Barbari human scout [Rogue/Fighter/Gatecrasher from Ted A.H.’s D&D3 “Solar Gods: the Ether Wars”]; CGn, Lvl. 8/1/2
  • “Vlad Stacianodel” [Michael S.M.F.]-male Sylvan (Wood) Elf Ranger, former “Liberator”; CNg, Lvl. 12
  • “Tondra” [Robert A.S.]-female Zarendo Islander (East African) human priestess of Buwalgo, the earth mother; LNg, Lvl. 12
  • “Ibrahim al-Sufaia” [Byron V.O.]-male Suthern (proto-Arabic) human Paladin of Ishmas, matron of magic (Egyptian: Isis; Ghazi/Khery-heb); LGn, Lvl. 11/1

Cameos/Past Party Members/Non-Player Characters

  • “Captain Kildare” [Randy K.M.]-male Undead pirate, commander of the dreaded ghost fleet…
  • “Rafik al-Murriman” [Randy K.M.]-male Suthern human corsair (proto-Arabic Paladin) of Neshbon, the wave rider; LGn, Lvl. 1 (deceased)
  • “Westly the Wondrous” [Alex J.]-male Saganim (proto-Celtic) human Bard; CNe, Lvl. 6
  • “Commander Arthur J. Hudson” [Mark A.S.]-male Hifalendorin human military engineer (proto-Western European Invoker); LNg, Lvl. 6 (member of the “Liberators”)
  • “Mr. Bob Jones” [Mark A.S.]-male Hifalendorin sailor/archer (Fighter); CNe, Lvl. 5
  • “Jatzielo of Celene” [Ann W./N.P.C.]-female Wild Elf (Grugach) Cleric of Ulandt, the lady of rest; TNcg, Lvl. 5 (member of the “Liberators”)
  • “Jo…” [Ann W.]-Half-Elf Sorceress/Rogue; LNe, Lvl. 3/2
  • “Cassandra M. Wynter” [Matt F.]-female Hifalendorin human Enchantress (proto-Western European Wizard); TNg, Lvl. 4
  • “Kamar Alazar” [Beruk A.]-male Suthern human swashbuckler (proto-Arabic Fighter/Rogue); CGn, Lvl. 6 (also member of the “Liberators”)
  • “Rufus Tiberius Kane” [Beruk A.]-male Barbari human gladiator (Maori Fighter); CGn, Lvl. 6 (deceased)
  • “Conaill U’Ciaran” [Patrik D’H.]-male Saganim (proto-Celtic) human Fighter, former “Liberator”; CGn, Lvl. 7
  • “Pruts…” [Patrik D’H]-male Tinker Gnome alchemist (Minoi Expert/Rogue/Transmuter/Artificer); CGn, Lvl. 1/4/2/3
  • “Niac Eden” [Michael S.M.F.]-male Wolfen Barbarian and shipwright, NGc, Lvl. 5
  • “Lieutenant Baird Francis” [Mike F.]-male Saganim Fighter; LNg, Lvl. 5
  • “Janus” [Greg D.C.]-male Satyr Druid; CGn, Lvl. 8
  • “Grace” [Carolyn M.P.]-Zarendo Islander Jaguar Woman Ranger; NGc, Lvl. 10
  • “Sephiroth” [Jack F./N.P.C.]-male human Fighter; CGn, Lvl. 6
  • “Finbar” [Paul J.]-male Half-Elf swashbuckler; CNg [from Paul’s D&D3.5 campaign] and onetime “Dragonslayer”; CNg, Lvl. 12?
  • “Lucian” [Jonathan/N.P.C.]-male Grey Elf knight, LNg [from Paul’s D&D3.5 campaign]
  • “Sir Timatheo Lan Haarper” [John Z.G./N.P.C.]-male Saganim Paladin of Ghanki, lord of rivers; LGn, Lvl. 5
  • “Lady Faelonia Telcontar” [Dexter V.H.]-female Drow Ranger, ambassador for the Waletku Kingdom; NGl, Lvl. 8
  • “Shea” [Peter G.L.J. D.]-male Grey Elf Rogue (Acrobat/Assassin), husband of Faelonia; CNe, Lvl. 8
  • “Tunnel Brassbuckle” [Stuart C.G.]-female Harfoot Halfling scout (Hobbit Rogue), friend of “Lady Faelonia Telcontar” [Dexter V.H.] and servant of Mekkil, goddess of nature; NGc, Lvl. 7
  • “Semaia D’Issichar” [Karen M.L.]-female Avariel (winged Elf) Fighter; NGc, Lvl. 7

Crew of the carrack Dragon’s Bane (most are Lvl. 6, to revise):

  • Captain Jacques Levaux: male Hifalendorin (proto-Western European) human aristocrat/navigator; LGn
  • Commander Miles Shaunessey: male Saganim (proto-Celtic) human first officer; LNg
  • Lieutenant Dornamu: male Akkadian human second officer, navigator, former Spelljammer helmsman; TNg

Regular crew (all are a total of Fourth Level):

  • Tetsuo (submarine scout)
    • Moonwave: female Sea Elf sailor/Acolyte of Addoh; TNcg
    • “Sephiroth” [Jack F./N.P.C.]: male Barbari human Fighter; CGn, Lvl. 6
    • Yanshao Feng: male eastern human sailor/Monk; LGn
  • Vasec (ship’s Wizard)
    • Sidonis Tarquin: male Hifalendorin sailor/adept; NGl
    • Alistair Boyle: male Saganim sailor/Sorcerer; TNg
  • Pruts… (engineer/artillerist)
    • “Ava…” female Rock Gnome sailor/Expert (smith); CGn, Lvl. 6
    • Hadrubal Tejed: male Phoenician human sailor/warrior; LNg
    • Nkele: female Zarendo Islander human sailor/Sorceress; CGn
  • Milos (troubleshooter)
    • Faisal al-Arakeen: male Suthern (proto-Arabic) human sailor/Fighter; LNg
    • Timur the Silent: male Rangsten Rawun (Halfling Bard); CGn
  • Vlad (scout/archer; away teams)
    • Vincent Stilichio: male Hifalendorin sailor/Ranger/Wizard; NGl, Lvl. 2/3/4?
    • Rene Lafuite: male Hifalendorin sailor/Expert (carpenter); LNg
    • Nikos Boswell: male Saganim sailor/Warrior, bosun; CGn
    • Muhktar Khosti: male Suthern corsair (sailor/Paladin); LGn
  • Tondra (chaplain/botanist/healer)
    • Senkmet Pernaud: male Hifalendorin Expert (archaeologist)/acolyte of Sherma; LNe
    • Carmela Ameranthi: female Hifalendorin sailor/acolyte of Ulandt, healer; NGc
    • Luisa Giordano: female Harfoot Halfling sailor/acolyte of Yondolla, cook/provisioner, LGn
  • Janus (animal handler; backup to Vlad)
    • Clive Staghorn: male Saganim sailor/Druid, TNg
  • Ibrahim (holy warrior/navigator)
    • Den Qurabit: male Hifalendorin sailor/Paladin of Otih; LGn
    • Esteban Amador: male Phoenician human sailor/Warrior; NGl (only one currently on Dragon’s Bane, reporting to Tetsuo)
    • Dinaukes: male Minoan (Theran/Atlantean) human sailor/adept; LNg

Sir Niac Eden

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