Regional overview of the Vanished Lands

Where in the “Vanished Lands” heroic fantasy campaign setting do you want your adventuring party to start? Here’s an overview — see also the maps in the Files section of the Yahoo/eGroup site (one hex = 30 miles).

Northwestern quadrant

This is the portion of the “Vanished Lands” most familiar to those who know European (and North American) folklore and history and is the default RPG starting point. The Dwarves and Gnomes of Zeda toil in the snowcapped Ivory Mountains, and the Waletku tribes of Elves sing and practice magic under the canopy of the Wisalef Forest.

The Halfling peasants and noble humans of Hifalendor live on the western Plains of Sathendo, as do the shepherds of the besieged kingdom of Saganim. The nefarious Orcs and Drow of Zuromm breed monsters and conduct raids from their Underdark strongholds.

Northeastern quadrant

The societies of this region are similar to those of later East Asia. The barbaric tribes of the Gusorin Confederation on the central Plains of Sathendo are divided, allowing the Nannuattan of Gokuri and their draconic and humanoid allies to expand their dominion.

Honorable Zedu demihumans live in the Bamor Mountains and Therud Forest, while the orderly human Principality of Silado (also known as Tong Sheng) is an outlying province of Shang China. The dreaded Ghost Fleet has raided the coast and even occupied territory.

Southeastern quadrant

The peoples of the tropical Zarendo Archipelago resemble some African and South American cultures, including proud humans and ancient reptile folk. Dinosaurs lurk in the dense jungles. Beneath the Sea of Nagendwa are aquatic races building cities and warring in the dark depths.

Southwestern quadrant

The mercantile Ebir Sheikdom and cruel Garku Nasit divide the hostile Halmed Desert, and corsairs sail the Bay of Ethalgo and western seas. Caravans bring trade from distant Babylon, Egypt, and Greece, while mages communicate with djinn and their elemental brethren. A few brave souls search for cities lost in the sands.

This is a broad overview — as we zoom in to a particular locale, more details will emerge. Humans and demihumans exist throughout the “Vanished Lands,” but in a sandbox setting, the role-players determine where they want to explore!

Regional overview of the Vanished Lands

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