Peoples and occupations in Khemet

In one ancient world, the human empire of Khemet has thrived for thousands of years. Pharaoh Ramses II has been blessed by the gods, but the world beyond his rule teeters on the brink of a dark age. Can a band of orphans find their fate and become heroes?

Character options, in Common (Hifalendorin/English), Khemtish (Egyptian), Suthern (proto-Arabic):


  • Dwarf — Ptahmenu — Vanaka (Dune Dwarf)
  • Elf — Eseteri (High) — Amarati (Wild)
  • Gnome — Sutekhra — Jendram (Rock)
  • Halfling — Asari — Rangsten (Woldan)
  • Human — Pesedjer — Banuk (mostly Suthern)
  • Humanoids, including Anpur/Khenra (Gnolls), Dubwana (Goblinoids), Genasi (Elemental kin), Mul (Giant kin/Goliath), Orgul (Ogre kin/Orcs), Leonines (Lammasu, Shedu, Wemics), Pernicon (Thri-kreen), Reptile Folk (incl. Dragonborn), Tiefling (Infernal kin)

Classes (we’ll use standard D&D5e backgrounds, plus some Al Qadim and Hamunaptra conversions):

  • Barbarian — Khasti — Bedoul
  • Bard — Shenu — Rawun
  • Cleric — Ghazi — Hakim(a)
  • Druid — Kama’at — Kahin
  • Fighter — Beqenu — Askar
  • Monk — Bahati — Dervish
  • Paladin — Ghaffir — Faris
  • Ranger — Wildwalker — Shikari
  • Rogue — Khebenti — Sa’lu
  • Sorcerer — Hekai — Saher
  • Warlock — Elimashadi — Sha’ir
  • Wizard — Khery-Heb — Ajami

“Talons of Tanis,” Player Characters for Gene D.’s “Vanished Lands: Journey From Khemet” heroic fantasy campaign, using Dungeons & Dragons 5th Ed., as of summer 2018:

  • “Maketre Kenamon” [Beruk A.]: male D’mt Pesedjer Bahati (Ethiopian human Monk-Kensai), outsider and weapon master from Punt; LNg
  • “Khafre Maa Keru” [Byron V.O.]: male Khemtian Pesedjer Ghaffir (Egyptian human Paladin) of Anubis, god of the dead; sage sworn to an oath of vengeance; LGn
  • Smrithi [Brian W.]: male Pesedjer Hekai (Egyptian human Sorcerer), Djinn-touched wild mage and charlatan; CGn
  • “Zyren Akahlay” [Bruce K.]: male Pehesset Shenu (Half-Elf Bard), sometime criminal and member of the College of the Sword; CGn
  • “Farooq Fairbottom” [Rich C.G.]: male Ptahmenu Ghazi (Dwarf Cleric), acolyte of sun god Amun-Re; NGl
  • Zikak [Drew S.]: male Aarakocra Khebenti (bird-man Rogue), inquisitor in the Medjai; LNg
  • [Dexter V.H./ absent ]: male Nubian Eseteri Bequenu (Sudanese Elf Arcane Archer); LNg, Lvl. 1

Peoples and occupations in Khemet

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