Hengeyokai, crane, for D&D5e

Hengeyokai in the “Vanished Lands” fantasy campaign setting, using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

Physical description: The secretive Hengeyokai are shapeshifters in the easternVanished Lands,” related to Beast-kin, Fey such as Spirit Folk, and other Changelings. They usually appear human but may have some features such as upswept hair, sharp noses, or builds reminiscent of their (single) animal forms.

Hengeyokai tend to be a bit smaller than average for humans, with fair to olive skin, dark hair, and bright eyes. Their shape-shifting true nature radiates only faintly of magic, in the same way as a Fey. They tend to worship nature goddess Ami Koshi or follow animism.

Culture: Hengeyokai live in Tong Sheng (the Principality of Silado) and the Zedu kingdom. They get along well with Spirit Folk (eastern Elves), Shan Sao (eastern Halflings), and humans. They are a bit wary of Korobokuru (eastern Dwarves), humanoids, and westerners who may mistake them for Lycanthropes.

Most Hengeyokai characters live among humans without being detected and speak Shengtese (eastern human Common) or Therudic (eastern demihuman). Their professions will often reflect their animal heritage — cranes would make good fishermen, and kitsune (foxes) good hunters or scouts. Crane Hengeyokai are confident, nimble, and proud.

Racial traits (crane/Tsuru-jin subrace):

  • Ability adjustment: +2 Dex and +1 to Wis or Cha
  • Age: Hengeyokai are considered mature at 15 and tend to live to about 80.
  • Alignment: Crane Hengeyokai tend toward Chaotic Good with Neutral tendencies.
  • Lucky charm: Once per encounter, one ally has advantage on one attack or saving throw.
  • Natural attack: beak 1d4 piercing (only in bird or hybrid form; talons can grasp)
  • Proficiency: In Nature.
  • Size: Medium in human and humanoid form, varies depending on animal form
  • Subraces: Other subraces include carp, crab, dog, kitsune, monkey, nagaji (snake), nekojin (feline), racoon dog, rat, sparrow, tanuki (badger), usagi (rabbit/hare), and weasel.
  • Speed: 25 ft./rd. walking, 50 flying
  • Flight: Winged flight in animal form only.
  • Shapeshifting: Hengeyokai may take up to three forms — human, animal, and hybrid (usually with humanoid bodies and bestial heads and extremities). Transformation takes a full round. They can change a number of times per day based on level plus Con modifier.

In human form, crane Hengeyokai won’t have natural attacks or low-light vision, and in full animal form, they are not able to talk or use human tools, armor, and weapons.


Hengeyokai, crane, for D&D5e

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