Gods of the Vanished Lands

Pantheons of the “Vanished Lands,” as of summer 2015:


  • Worshipped by: tribes of Skaevingol (proto-Scandinavian/Slavic) and Tsucharim (Mongol-like) humans, Bakemono (eastern Goblins), Changelings, chromatic dragons, Draconians/Dragonborn, Minotaurs, Nannuattan (eastern Dark Elves), Nezumi (rat kin), Oni (Ogre Magi), Tieflings (demon-touched), Wolven
  • Locations (“Vanished Lands”/Multiverse): Gusorin Confederation on the central Plains of Sathendo, Gokuri Empire in the Bamor Mountains, the Abyss, Asgard/Valhalla
  • Influences/style: Babylonian, Finnish, Norse
Deities by title sex/stature alignment spheres/domains symbol
Wotan king of Asgard m/G NGc the heavens, knowledge, rulership, trickery, mages, Wednesdays single blue eye, ravens
Frigh-ka matron of the gods f/G LNg the hearth, life, motherhood, weather, Fridays cat
Angkir lord of tempests m/G LNe storms, tempest, water, sailors waves
Mordra lord of the void m/G CEn chaos, destruction, Nannuattan spiked wheel
Vulkan lord of smiths m/G TN , craft, knowledge, Sundays, Dwarves hammer and tongs
Yurdanthis leader of “the Tribe” m/G NEc chaos, Aberrations, “Tribe pets” chaos sphere
Feiah goddess of love f/L NGc fertility, life, light, skalds, spring, Grugach, Mondays falcon, the moon
Hendlir guardian of the ways m/L LNg knowledge, skalds, travel, Tsucharim, Saturdays white and gold horn
Herl lady of the night f/L NEc assassins, death, winter gaunt female face
Krypt mistress of illness f/L CEn disease, autumn, Goblinoids copper bowl
Lotir the flickering flames m/L CNe light, summer, trickery, Sorcerers fire
Shif battle maiden f/L LGn honorable combat, knowledge, warcraft, Tuesdays upraised sword
Tiamat/Takhisis mother of chromatic dragons f/L LEn domination, war, reptile folk, some Nannuattan, Sei (Sorcerers) multi-headed dragon
Torr (Kord) lord of thunder m/L CGn freedom, might, weather/tempest, Thursdays mallet
Yeenoghu lord of the wastes m/L CEn robbery, Gnolls/Flinds, some Wolven, Lycanthropes red claw


  • Worshipped by: Elves, some Gnomes, Halflings, Beast-kin (Centaurs, Fauns/Satyrs), metallic dragons
  • Locations (“Vanished Lands”/Multiverse): Waletku Kingdom, Wisalef Forest, Bytopia/Feywild
  • Influences/style: Celtic, Finnish, traditional Dungeons & Dragons
Deities by title sex/stature align. spheres/domains symbol
Corellan Larethian lord of Alfheim m/G CGn art, light, magic, Elves (especially Quelanthi) quarter moon
Aerdary Solandra (Mystra) lady of birds f/G NGc flight, knowledge, magic, Aarakocra, Avariel, Valley Elves swan
Bahamut/Paladine father of metallic dragons m/G LGn air, life, justice, war platinum dragon
Labelas Aenarith (Ioun/Gilean) master of lore m/G NGl craft, knowledge, longevity, Grey Elves setting sun
Arawn master of the chase m/L CNg hunters, winter, Frost Elves white bow
Arbos/Pan (Silvanus) patron of trees m/L CNg nature, Treants, Satyrs/Fauns oak, pipes
Arvorain the defender m/L LNg protection, Woldan Halflings short sword
Barandorbis master of stealth m/L CGn Faldine Halflings, Rogues feathered cap
Shelloralee the hospitable f/L NGl agriculture, Harfoot Halflings cornucopia
Skerrit of the thundering hooves m/L TNc nature, plains, Centaurs sapling
Yondalla the provider f/L LGn the hearth, life, motherhood, Halflings shield
Archanos the elder god m/G LNg order Greater Orbs


  • Worshipped by: Hifalendorin (proto-Western European) and Saganim (proto-Celtic/Anglo-Saxon) humans, Harfoot Halflings
  • Locations (“Vanished Lands”/Multiverse): western Plains of Sathendo
  • Influences/style: Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Celtic, and Finnish
Deities by title sex/stature align. spheres/domains symbol
Urda/Edillon lord of the sky m/G NGl air, birds, rulership winged sword, pickaxe
Ismiltar/Gherra matron of magic f/G LGn life, magic, motherhood, Wizards silver ankh, ivory wand
Addoh/Ghanki lord of the waters m/G LNg still waters, rivers, the sea, Thalassaquendi green sickle, mountain goat
Mekkil (Gaia) forest mistress f/G NGc nature, wilderness, Druids, Fey evergreen boughs
Nersago/Gobnihr strength of the mountains m/G TNl craft, knowledge, earth, metals, Dwarves blue diamond
Otih (Pelor/Tyr) lord of justice m/G LGn battle, the sun, law, light, justice, war, Paladins sword over gold disc
Brijitt (Sune) muse of love f/L CGn fire, light, poetry, Bards flames, harp
Ennenah/Libitoh dark mistress f/L NEc disease, pain crooked staff, dagger
Grulla the hunter m/L CNg winter long bow
Nidonn herald of spring f/L CGn fertility, life, spring apples
Sherma/Gheket (Raven Queen) lady of shades f/L NEl death, Assassins, Necromancers withered oak, crescent moon
Ulandt/Nenashen (Sehanine) lady of rest f/L TNg dreams, rest, sleep, trickery, Rogues black axe, closed eyes, full moon

Sea Lords

  • Worshipped by: Aboleth, Dephines (cetaceans), Dimernesti (Sea Spirit Folk), Kuo Toa (fish folk), Merfolk, Merrows (aquatic Ogres), Otter-kin, Sahuagin/Samebito (shark folk), Scrags (Trolls), Sea Hags, Shal’verin (gill folk), Thalassaquendi (western Sea Elves), Tritons
  • Locations (“Vanished Lands”/Multiverse): Sea of Nagendwa, Zarendo Islands, elemental Plane of Water, Astral Sea
  • Influences/style: see other pantheons, traditional D&D
Deities by title sex/stature align. spheres/domains symbol
Addoh/Ghanki lord of the waters m/G LNg still waters, the sea, Thalassaquendi green sickle, mountain goat
Angkir lord of tempests m/G LNe storms, tempest, water, Barbari waves
Ano Wasu sea master m/G CGn tempest, whirlpools, Dimernesti blue katana
Krakas lord of the maelstrom m/G NEc chaos, tempest, trickery spiral
Vendrah cloud chief m/G CNg leadership, Djinn, Suthern corsairs white elephant
Blibdoolpoolp mistress of scales f/L NEl death, Kuo Toa lobster head or black pearl
Eadro wave rider m/L TNg life, nature, tempest, Merfolk waterspout
Markianth master of the depths m/L LEn Dubwana (Goblinoids) iron fist
Neshbon lord of earthquakes m/L CNg the sea, Marid white horse
Nlanfula (Melora) lady of rivers f/L CGn life, nature, prosperity, Zarendo Islanders antelope
Sashelas rider of the deeps m/L CGn life, nature, Thalassaquendi conch
Sekolah mistress of the chase f/L LEn nature, tempest, Sahuagin/Samebito shark


  • Worshipped by: Shengtese (East Asian) and Tsucharim (Mongol-style) humans, Dimernesti (Sea Spirit Folk), Hengeyokai, Kenku/Tengu (raven folk), Kitsune, Korobokuru (eastern Dwarves) Shan Sao (eastern Halflings), Bamboo/River Spirit Folk, Vanara (monkey folk)
  • Locations (“Vanished Lands”/Multiverse): Tong Sheng/Principality of Silado on the eastern Plains of Sathendo, Zedu Kingdom in the Therud Forest
  • Influences/style: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean
Deities by title sex/stature align. spheres/domains symbol
Shang-ti emperor of the heavens m/G LNg agriculture, leadership, metallic dragons, Samurai gold fist
Kuan Yin matron of mercy f/G LGn healing, the hearth, life, motherhood, Shan Sao, Kensai mother and child
Ami Koshi forest matron f/G NGc nature, wilderness, Beast-kin, Spirit Folk, Yamabushi red sword
Ano Wasu sea master m/G CGn storms, tempest, Dimernesti blue katana
Tsu Komi lord of the moon m/G NGl craft, knowledge, light, Korobokuru silver disc
Yen Yuang the sleeping god m/G LNg death, judgment yellow helm and white robes
Hotse Mar duke of battle m/L CGn glory, strife, war, Bushi wakizashi (dagger)
Lo Yech sower of disease f/L CEn aberrations, epidemics, humanoids three demon heads
Na Chow master of guile m/L CNe stealth, Yakuza silver bracelet
Shebsen (Avandra) lady luck f/L CNg fortune, gamblers, Hengeyokai white staff

Also, note that many people in the eastern “Vanished Lands” follow the belief systems below; they are not mutually exclusive:

  • Animism: The belief that there are spirits in all things, especially living ones, often practiced by Spirit Folk and Wu (Druids). Similar to later Buddhism.
  • In Our Father’s Steps: Revering one’s ancestors and being aware of the power of the dead and Outsiders, often followed by Mahotsukai and Shamans (Summoners and Warlocks). Similar to later Shinto.
  • The Path of Order: More a philosophy than a religion, emphasizes social stability and mutual respect, practiced by many Korobokuru (Dwarves). Similar to later Confucianism.
  • The Way of Harmony: The quest for balance in all things and the perfection of the body and mind, often followed by Sami (Monks). Similar to later Daoism.


  • Worshipped by: Suthern (proto-Arabic) humans, Anpur (Jackal folk), Djinn/Efreet/Marid, Dubwana (Goblinoids), Leonines (Lamassu, Shedu, Sphinx, Wemics), Rakshasa, Vanaka (Dune Dwarves)
  • Locations (“Vanished Lands”/Multiverse): Ebir Sheikdom and the Garku Nasit, in the Halmed Desert
  • Influences/style: Sumerian/Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Hindu
Deities by title sex/stature align. spheres/domains symbol
Vendrah cloud chief m/G CNg leadership, Djinn, corsairs white elephant
Ishmas sky queen f/G LGn life, magic, motherhood, Djinn, Ghazi (Paladins) green ankh
Aghos lady of love f/G CGn beauty, fertility, life sea shell, silver bow
Amun the rising sun m/G LGn justice, light, the sun, Ghazi (Paladins) gold disc
Neshbon lord of earthquakes m/G CNg the sea, Marid white horse
Set (Zehir) lord of the wastes m/G NEc knowledge, poison, schemes serpent dagger
Tvorst master of craft m/G TNg craft, knowledge, Vanaka jade pinwheel
Arvorse master of the wilds m/L CNg nature, plants, Beast-kin pipes
Bastet queen of cats f/L CGn life, war, Leonines cat
Lagsmir lady luck f/L CNg fortune, trickery, Rogues lotus blossom
Redra god of plagues m/L LNe death, disease, humanoids black bow
Traati lady of shadows f/L NEc evening, trickery, Rogues dark robes


  • Worshipped by: Zarendo (East African) humans, reptile folk
  • Locations (“Vanished Lands”/Multiverse): Zarendo Archipelago in the Sea of Nagendwa
  • Influences/style: Ashanti, Bantu, Shilluk, Yao, Yoruba, Zulu
Deities by title sex/stature align. spheres/domains symbol
Buwalgo (Semuanya) mother earth f/G LNg birth, life/death, nature, rulership, swamps, Bedoul (Druids), Wakyambi (Elves) lizard
Mokaret he who walks among the stars m/G NGl light, the sun, Kitunusi (Gnomes), N’anga (Clerics) great bird
Cherasu the lady moon f/G LGn light, the sea, spring, Mganga (Paladins) manta ray
Wainisi the outcast m/G NEc fire, light, mischief python
Harrase the wanderer m/L LGn justice, plains, travel, Dembe (Rangers), Ngoma (Bards) lion
Hikikele jungle spirit f/L CNg rain chameleon
Ilokar the loud m/L NEl war, Ngoloko (Orcs), Gamba (Fighters) vulture
Nkumba the weaver m/L LNg craft, knowledge, metalwork, Utuchekulu (Dwarves), Engolo (Monks), Mchawi (Wizards) spider
Nlanfula lady of rivers f/L CGn agriculture, autumn, prosperity, Agogwe (Halflings), Nanala (Rogues) antelope
Urbinali the hungry f/L CEn disease, winter mosquito


  • Worshipped by: Dwarves, Gnomes, Woldan Halflings
  • Locations (“Vanished Lands”/Multiverse): Zeda Kingdom in the Ivory Mountains
  • Influences/style: Norse, traditional D&D
Deities by title sex/stature align. spheres/domains symbol
Moradin (Vulkan) the soul forger m/G LGn craft, knowledge, metalwork, mountains, Dwarves anvil
Berranar mother of truth f/G NGl justice, safety silver rings
Clangodain father of battle m/G LNg war crossed axes
Karl Sejian master miner m/G NGl earth, trickery, Rock Gnomes gold nugget
Annather the greedy m/L NEl avarice, theft, Duergar (Gray Dwarves) jeweled dagger
Barvar the trapper m/L CGn hunting, illusions, Forest Gnomes gray cloak
Dugmora the scholar f/L LNg knowledge, lore, Dwarves tablets
Flaervanis (Erathis) the artificer m/L NGc invention, Minoi (Tinker Gnomes), Svirfneblin (Deep Gnomes) silver drill
Hanseth the boisterous m/L CNe carousing, trickery flagon
Hergaddin the lucky f/L CNg fortune, trickery dice
Kronlas keeper of oaths f/L LEn bondage, order chains
Margleb the warden m/L LNe afterlife, death keys
Morglendir the exile f/L TNc wanderers staff
Urdlana the hoarder f/L CEn avarice, insanity, Mad Gnomes, Kobolds false gems


  • Worshipped by: Drow, Giants, Goblinoids (Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Kobolds), Ogre-kin (Orcs, Ogres, Trolls)
  • Locations (“Vanished Lands”/Multiverse): the kingdom of Zuromm in the Ivory Mountains, the Underdark, the Abyss, the Nine Hells
  • Influences/style: Babylonian, traditional D&D
Deities by title sex/stature align. spheres/domains symbol
Asmodeus lord of the hells m/G LEn trickery, tyranny three triangles
Gruumsh the vigilant m/G CEn destruction, fear, war, Orcs, Ogres fringed eyepatch
Lolth queen of spiders f/G NEc intrigue, trickery, Drow, Driders web amulets
Orcus the demon lord m/G NEl death, war Undead
Demogorgon swimmer in darkness m/L NEc chaos, poison, trickery tentacles
Grolantor the heavy mace m/L CEn war, Giants club
Jubilex (Tharzidun) the insane m/L NEc aberrations, trickery eyes
Kurtugek god of the bloody mine m/L NEc war, Bugbears, Kobolds morningstar
Laogzed lord of hunger m/L CEn death, reptile folk, Troglodytes lizard/toad head
Lorthanc cave matron f/L NEl fertility, life, Ogre-kin fur cap
Markianth (Bane/Maglubiyet) the clawed fist m/L LEn depths, Goblinoids fist
Surthyr the burning brand m/L NEc fire, war, Giants flaming blade
Torog lurker below the earth m/L NEc death, the Underdark, Ogre-kin, Trolls shackles
Vecna keeper of secrets m/L NEc death, knowledge, the underdark shattered skull

Gods of the Vanished Lands

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