Raz Ben-Dinai (Fate Test)


Character name: Raz Ben-Dinai

  • Role-player: Josh
  • Template: Scorer
Concept Aspects
  • High concept: Master of the Shifting Sands.
  • Trouble: Hungry for power
Other Aspects
  • Tattoos of Power
  • Adept of the Tower of Sight
Skills (25 pts.)
Rank Skills
+4(Great) Lore Discipline
+3(Good) Conviction Scholarship
+2(Fair) Resources Investigation Rapport
+1(Average) Alertness Contacts Empathy Presence Endurance
Stunts/Powers (and cost, citations, levels/caps):
Stunt Cost Desc
Evocation 3 Elemental control
Thaumaturgy 3 Ritual Magic

Elements and specializations: Earth(Spec Power), Air, Fire

Focus items: Staff +1 Control Offensive and Defense.

  • Rotes:
  • Enchanted items:
  • Potions:
    • Open slots:
  • Other spellcasting notes:


  • Physical (Endurance):
  • Mental (Conviction):
  • Social (Presence):
  • Armor, etc.:

Consequences (by stress type, Aspect):

  • Mild (-2):
  • Moderate (-4):
  • Severe (-6):
  • Extreme (-8, permanent):


  • Primary weapon:
  • Secondary weapon:

Raz Ben-Dinai (Fate Test)

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