Raz Ben-Dinai




  • Son of a Wealthy Sheik
  • Adept of the Tower of Sight
  • Uncover the mysteries of the Sand Shapers
  • Covered in Arcane Marks
  • New to adventuring
  • Used to the Good Life
  • Draws powers from the secrets of the desert
  • Where’s there a will there’s a way


Rank Skills
3 Divination Academics
2 Intimidation Science Elemental (Desert) Investigation
1 Resources Alertness Resolve Contacting Survival Nature


Scrying(Divnination) Lets you use Divination instead of Investigation on any target within range. Locations yo ucan;t physically see are considered hidden targets.
Walking Library(Academics) Treat the character as if he has a library equal to his academics score. Research takes one step of time less
Scholarship (sandshapers) (academics) Raz is an expert in history especially the lore of the sandshapers. He gets a +1 to history rolls and an additional +1 when talking about sandshapers. Research in my field takes on e step less this bonus combines with walking library. Finally when dealing with other academics or at conferences academics may compliment social skills
Create (Elements) I can summon desert. This allows me to place aspects or to use the other trappings of this skill
Multicast (Power Stunt) I can effect one extra target per shift generated. I don;t hace to specify how many targets I’m effecting before the roll.

Refresh: 5

A staff and dagger
As well as the standerd compliment of adventuring gear. Rations, tent water skins ect…

Raz Ben-Dinai

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