D&D5e "Storm Riders" F2F nautical crew

Boston-area P.C. Party 41 in Gene D.'s D&D5e "Vanished Lands" fantasy campaign


The Storm Riders,” Party 41 in Gene D.’s “Vanished Lands” nautical fantasy campaign, using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, as of summer 2016:

  • Capt. Kaelen Northsea [Bruce K.]-male Half-Elf hunter (Sylvan/Saganim Ranger), horde breaker, and ladies’ man seeking his father; commander of the cutter Interceptor; NGc, Lvl. 7
  • Sebastian Leafsworn [Rich C.G.]-male Sylvan Elf Monk and sage, with forbidden lore; first officer and quartermaster of the Interceptor; LNg, Lvl. 7
  • Kamar Alazar [Beruk A.]-male Suthern human swashbuckler (proto-Arabic Bard) of the College of Valor, former member of the “Liberators” and “Dragonslayers”; morale officer and purser; CGn, Lvl. 7
  • Nuriel Earendil [Brian W.]-male Grey Elf acolyte of light (Cleric of Corellan Larethian), aesthete, chaplain, and medic; NGl, Lvl. 7
  • Barret [Drew S.]-male Minotaur wrestler and gladiator (Fighter), marine, navigator, and would-be Eldritch Knight; LGn, Lvl. 7
  • “Kemosh-ket” [Byron V.O.]-male Anpur Kahin (Jackal-man Druid), Dunewalker and member of the [D&D3.5/FATE] “Broken Chains” and the Order of the Golden Lion, wilderness guide seeking to redeem his people; NGl, Lvl. 7
  • Crew roster: See the “Storm Riders” (Party 41) in Gene D.’s “Vanished Lands” nautical fantasy campaign, using Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, as of early spring 2016:
  • Capt. Kaelen Northsea [Bruce K.]-male Half-Elf Ranger, commander of the Interceptor
    • Akenus “the Sly:” male Nezumi sailor (rat-kin Rogue); from the Laughing Squid
    • Erin O’Shea: young female Saganim (proto-Celtic) human; cabin girl
    • Magnar Eikkisson: male Skaevingol human pirate (Viking-style Ranger)
  • Sebastian Leafsworn [Rich C.G.]-male Sylvan Elf Monk, first officer and quartermaster
    • Alborn Gruschlag: male Skaevingol raider (Sailor)
    • Cynric Ecfrith: male Saganim pirate (Fighter)
    • Tsai Xiaopeng: male Tsucharim human sailor (Mongol-style Fighter)
    • Rashida bet Talawat: female Suthern human fisherwoman and cook (proto-Arabic Commoner/sailor), fled bad marriage
  • Kamar Alazar [Beruk A.]-male Suthern human Bard; morale officer and purser
    • Mikal: female Skaevingol raider (proto-Scandinavian Rogue), friend of Kamar
    • Lorcan Grevain: male Saganim pirate (Bard)
    • Timon Melancton: male Atlantean human pirate (Minoan/Theran Greek Fighter), from the Serpent’s Wrath
    • Ulstane Teague: male Saganim smuggler (Rogue)
  • Nuriel Earendil [Brian W.]-male Grey Elf Cleric of Corellan Larethian; chaplain and medic
    • Adiba Amunet: female Zarendo human shaman (East African Cleric) of Nlanfula, lady of rivers, from the open port of Laguro on Bokor Island
    • Funamori Haruko: female Dimernesti/Sea Spirit Folk (eastern Sea Elf) Druid, tribe attacked by Ghost Fleet; from the Laughing Squid
    • Vijay Lakshman: male Vanara roustabout (monkey-kin Sorcerer), from the Serpent’s Wrath
  • Barret [Drew S.]-male Minotaur Fighter; marine and navigator
    • Adelhart Tarantius: male Hifalendorin human pirate (proto-Western European Fighter)
    • Tsula: female Skaevingol raider (Fighter), friend of Kaelen
    • Nils: male Skaevingol raider (Fighter), from the Bronze Storm
    • Yureg Irontooth: male Wolfen pirate (Barbarian), from the Blood Star
    • Zhan Yuejiu: male Shengtese human pirate (East Asian Fighter)
  • Associates and backups not aboard:
    • “Ludovico ‘Ludo’ Rosso” [Beruk A.]-male Hifalendorin human ex-gladiator (proto-Western European Monk; see Bruce K.’s Pathfinder: Eberron/Reign of Winter); LNg
    • “Asish Chen Ti” [guest Byron V.O.]-male Tsucharim (Mongol-style) human Ranger 5/Ninja 1, former slave of Gokuri and onetime member of the “Uncommon Companions” (2012, 2+ yrs. ago in “game time”); NGl; traveled with the “Storm Riders” from Kildart to the Gargoyle Headlands
    • “?” [Brian W.]-male Hifalendorin (proto-Western European) human Fighter, pragmatist; LN, Lvl. 1
    • Cassy Keelnipper” [Sara F.]-female Otter-kin Rogue, street urchin, and sailor; NGl, Lvl. 2
    • “Drogan” [Bruce K.]-male Half-Orc Barbarian, with a great sword, from the Blood Star; CNg
    • Eldamir Tempestborn” [Rich C.G.]-male Atlantean human soldier (Theran/Minoan Barbarian), tattooed berserker of the Order of the Kingfisher, specialist in the net and trident; CGn, Lvl. 5
    • “Vasco” [Drew S.]-male clockwork butler (Warforged Warlock), former member of the Zephyrs crew, displaced in time and space; LN, Lvl. 1
    • Puliarus Aearion” [Charles S.]-male Half-Elf sage (Thalassaquendi storm Sorcerer), seeking to befriend all; CNg, Lvl. 3
    • Antoun Miner” [Charles S.]-male Hill Dwarf Druid, healer curious about the sea; TN, Lvl. 1
    • Dwight van Steinberg: male Woldan Halfling explorer (Stout Rogue), from the Perdition

D&D5e "Storm Riders" F2F nautical crew

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