Aldarion Telcontar

Aldarion Telcontar, Grey Elf Ranger


Character: Aldarion Telcontar

  • Role-Player: Gene D.
  • Campaign: John Z.G.’s “Gwynned in Greyhawk,” using Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Ed., 1986-1991 (revised as of reunion session, November 2012/“40 J.R./1244 B.C.E.”)
  • Species/race: Grey Elf
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 281 (apparent human age: 30; as of year 40 J.R., 10 years after the Battles of Bloodstone Pass and 10 years before the “Children of Champions”)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Lawful tendencies
  • Patron deities: Moradin, god of the mountains; Mekkil, goddess of nature; and Thoris/Aerdary, lord of lore

Occupational Class: Ranger

  • Experience Level: 15 (give or take a few levels)
  • Languages Spoken: Alvari (Sylvan/Elven common, and Grey Elven dialect), Goblinish, human Common (Greyhauk/Hifalendorin), Kestollan (Hill Folk, Dwarves and Gnomes), Quelithan (High Elven), Zuromm (Drow/Undercommon)


  • Strength: 18/25 (+1 to Hit, +3 Dam., +1k g.p. Encumbrance, Open Doors 1-3 on 1d6, 20% Bend Bars/Lift Gates)
  • Dexterity: 17 (+2 Reaction, +2 Ranged, -3 AC)
  • Constitution: 16 (+11 H.P., 95% System Shock Survival, 96% Resurrection Survival)
  • Intelligence: 17 (6 languages, 75% Chance to Know Spells, Min. # of Spells = 8, Max. # of Spells 14)
  • Wisdom: 16 (+2 Mag. Attacks, Bonus Spells: 2 1st, 2 2nd)
  • Charisma: 15 (7 Henchmen Max., +15% Loyalty Base, +15 Reaction)
  • Comeliness: 14 (16 to non-High or Grey Elves)

AD&D2 combat stats: [to revise]

  • Armor Class: -3/-4 (enchanted mithril full plate or field plate and large shield; backup is mithril chain)
  • Hit Points: 95 (9d10+18)
  • To Hit Armor Class 0: 6 (3 attacks every two rounds)
  • Primary weapons:
    • Hand to hand: Quendilar — intelligent longsword +5
    • Ranged: Longbow (strength bow) with assorted magical arrows

Saving Throws

  • Paralysis, Poison, or Death Magic: 4
  • Rods, Staves, or Wands: 6
  • Petrification or Polymorph: 5
  • Breath Weapon: 4
  • Spells: 7

Racial Abilities:

  • Detect Concealed, Secret Doors: 17% to 33%
  • Infravision: 60 ft.
  • Resist Charm, Sleep: 90%
  • Surprised: 1 to 2 on a 1d6

Class Abilities:

  • Animal Empathy: Subject is -5 on Save vs. Rods
  • Favored Enemy: +4 to Hit, -4 on Reaction
  • Hide in Shadows: 99%
  • Move Silently: 99%
  • Tracking: +5 (Wisdom check); Base 90%, can determine number and types of creatures that have passed


  • Weapon (9 total): Bow (long, specialized x2), long sword (x2), axe (hand), dagger/knife, javelin, lance, short sword
  • Nonweapon (8 total): Animal Lore, Armorer, Blind Fighting, Fungus Identification, Mountaineer, Riding (Wis; land-based), Rope Use, Survival (Int), Swim (Str)

Spells: (as Druid)

  • Level 1: (3) Detect Magic (readied), Detect Snares, Entangle (readied), Invisibility to Animals, Pass Without Trace (readied), Purify Water
  • Lvl. 2: (3) Messenger (readied), Obscurement, Resist Cold/Fire (readied), Slow Poison (readied), Speak With Animals
  • Lvl. 3: (2) Continual Light (readied), Create Food and Water, Negative Plane Protection, Remove Paralysis (readied), Stone Shape
  • Lvl. 4: (1) Call Woodland Being, Free Action, Tongues, Neutralize Poison (readied)

Arcane Spells from Quendilar:

  • Level 1: (1) Burning Hands, Feather Fall, Jump, Light, Magic Missile (readied), Read Magic, Shield, Sleep, Write


  • Clothing:
    • Belt, black leather, with 3 large pouches (full)
    • Boots, brown leather, high, hard
    • Cloak, green, with hood, Elven; fastened at neck with silver leaf brooch (Ranger guild badge)
    • Padding, leather, under armor
    • Sheaths for weapons, leather
    • Surcoat, green, with blue or silver trim
  • Class tools:
    • Herbs: sprigs of holly, oak, mistletoe, wolfsbane
    • Holy symbols of Moradin/Vulkan, Mekkil, and Thoris/Aerdary, silver
  • Other gear:
    • Case, bone, map or scroll
    • Grapple, Gnomish folding
    • Mirror, silver
    • Pack, leather side, full
    • Rope, silk, 50 ft.
    • Sack, small (empty)
    • Spikes, iron, 3, with small wooden mallet
    • Water/wineskin, 2 pints
  • Money: 1,100 gold pieces in gems, 70 silver pieces
  • On steed: Medium warhorse
    • Bit, bridle, brushes, harness, stirrups, tack
    • Rations, iron, 2 weeks
    • Saddle and blankets
    • Saddlebags
  • Weapons:
    • Dagger, silvered, d4
    • Handaxe, d6
    • Javelins, d6
    • Lance, d8
    • Longbow (with case), 30 arrows in quiver d6, plus 1 silver, 9 glass arrows
  • Magic items:
    • Dagger, +1
    • Long sword, Quendilar, +5, intelligent (male Quelanthi/High Elf Mage; NGl, Int 18, Wis 17, Cha 17)
    • Plate armor, full, with great helm, +1 (also, no encumbrance, noise)

Description/appearance: Silver hair, green eyes, fair to tanned complexion, wiry build. Average height for a Grey (Faerie) Elf (about 5 ft. tall).

Provisional notes:

  • -315 J.R.: Nannuattan (eastern Dark Elf) “Thalissa” [John Z.G./Non-Player Character] born in Elves’ Hold in Greyhauk, Oerth IV.
  • -265 J.R.: Grey Elf “Aldarion” [Gene D.] is born to the Telcontar family in Falcon’s Nest.
  • -160 J.R.: Aldarion becomes a scout in the local forces of Elves’ Hold during wars against the Dark Elves.
  • -150 J.R.: Sylvan (Wood) Elf “Galion” [Gene D.] is born to the Luincolla clan in the town of Alfendi in the Waletku kingdom of the Elves in the Wisalef Forest in the “Vanished Lands.”
  • -145 J.R.: Grey Elf “Delfrom” [Dexter V.H.] is born to the Manthantalus family in the hamlet of Arvorse.
  • -80 J.R.: Mountain Dwarf “Isaac” [Gene D.] is born to the Bazooka clan in the village of Bwel.
  • -7 J.R.: Thalissa, now an officer in the Dark Elven army, turns from the worship of the evil Lolth, becoming one of the first Nannuattan to secretly reject their queen.
  • 1 J.R./1259 to 1254 B.C.E. [1987 A.D./C.E., real-time]: Aldarion joins a group of heroes led by “Argon Centarin” [John/N.P.C.] and helps the Guardian “Athward” [Dave R-B.] bear the powerful artifact sword Sindanar. He becomes fast friends with the party, especially with fellow Ranger “Mouse/Ereval” [Steve A.L.] and Gnome “Frolick…” [Kim A.G.]. After the quest, the Avalon High Elves reward Aldarion for his valor with magical armor and the intelligent sword Quendilar. Aldarion subsequently marries Thalissa, whom he helped to rescue during the adventuring party’s infiltration of Nannuattan territory.
  • 1.3-4 J.R.: Aldarion and Thalissa have many adventures with their new companions, encountering everything from the benevolent Ogre “…Crunch” [Corbin A.Y.] to the mischievous Leprechaun “MacPherson.” Unfortunately, their wedded bliss is constantly disturbed by missions for wars against the Drow and Destructors. Aldarion is traumatized during one journey by a forced teleportation into the Abyss, where he battles the minions of Lolth. Aldarion and Thalissa learn to ski, operate laser weapons, and smoke good weed with Galion and Isaac, who join other groups of itinerant heroes in Year 3 J.R.
  • 4.1 J.R.: Although he is not a good tactician, Aldarion gradually rises in rank to general in the Elven armies in time to participate in the Battles of Bloodstone Pass. Aldarion loses many of the forces under his command to a sneak attack, but he acquits himself well and eventually becomes a lord in the court of King Ereval I. The heroes mourn the loss of many valiant allies, including the Paladin “Katrina” [Bill A.R.].
  • 8 to 13 J.R./1253 to 1245 B.C.E.: Aldarion and Thalissa temporarily retire from Greyhauk, traveling through the Multiverse via Transfer Portals. They establish a settlement in Olendi in the “Vanished Lands” and become involved in that world’s fight against the Dark Elves. Aldarion and Thalissa adopt a Drow exile, “Faelonia” [Dexter V.H.] as their daughter. She joins the elite Waletku Ranger Corps and eventually becomes an ambassador to the Zeda kingdom of the Dwarves and a champion of both Vulkan (Moradin) and Mekkil. Galion and Delfrom journey to the “Land of Lost Souls” and become leaders in that plane’s struggles against the Void in the “Chaos Wars.” Isaac remains on Oerth IV, in a constant search for a potent potable known as “Devil’s Piss.”
  • From 1243 to 1239 B.C.E. [1987 to 1991], wars raged in the Four Kingdoms, with the kingdoms of Zuromm (Drow and Orcs) and Gokuri (Nannuattan and Oni) versus the kingdoms of Waletku (Elves), Zeda (Dwarves and Gnomes), and later, Hifalendor (humans and Halflings).

The war started shortly after the Drow seized control of the kingdom of Zuromm from the Orcs. They and the Duergar beseiged towns in the southern part of the Zeda kingdom of the Dwarves, which soon sued for truce. After obtaining a pledge of neutrality from the Dwarves, they attacked the Waletku kingdom’s western frontier. The sympathies of many Grey Elves to the Dwarves and Drow hampered defense of that region.

Meanwhile, the Drow made a secret pact with their Nannuattan cousins, who led the Kingdom of Gokuri to attack the Elven kingdom from the east. The Waletku Kingdom found itself fighting on two fronts.

The forces of Zuromm drove back the Elven knights and took Alfendi, with the aid of spies in the city. Gokuri made temporary alliances with some Barbari and humanoid tribes in the Gusorin Confederation, which now attacked the human Kingdom of Hifalendor.

  • By 1241 B.C.E., things looked especially grim for the Elves. The Nannuattan unleashed their most powerful weapons, the Dragonlords and the dreaded Flying Citadel. They burned the Waletku capital of Alfhileno, and King Halikos Kelannir was slain in an aerial battle. Dark Elf exile “Faelonia” [Dexter V.H.] served as emissary to Zeda and Hifalendor, as the Elves struggled to recover from the loss of many knights and to rebuild their alliances. Faelonia was adopted into the house of Aldarion & Thalissa (1989).
  • In 1240 B.C.E., the cooperation between Zuromm, Gokuri, and the Gusorin Confederation began to fray, as the casualties mounted among the Elves, Orcs, and even Dragons. Thousands of refugees crowded into camps.

On the Western Front, the use of summoned Demons by the Drow, as well as a few bold infiltration missions by Elven agents, led to an Orcish uprising. While Zuromm occupied much Zeda and Waletku territory, the hit-and-run tactics of the Dwarven Mountain Rangers, Elven Rangers, and Halfling Meadow Rangers (and Rogues) began to succeed in restoring morale.

On the Eastern Front, the Gusorin Confederation was defeated and turned on Gokuri forces at the Battle of Lake Bedoni. While Gokuri maintained air superiority over a large area, it didn’t hold as much land as its western allies, preferring torture to enslavement of its prisoners.

The full entry of the Kingdom of Hifalendor into the war further bolstered the Elven recovery. With some Saganim troops, the Hifalendorins successfully drove back enemy forces on both fronts. Finally dropping their neutrality, the Dwarves of Zeda managed a counterstrike against Zuromm through the Underdark.

Since the war, relations among the former combatants remain tentative. Within the Waletku Kingdom, the rise of the Rangers’ Guild and ascension of Ereval (a Ranger himself) to the throne has disrupted the centuries-long dominance of Wizards and knights in the Elven aristocracy. While the Wisalef Forest recovered relatively swiftly from the war, the Elven people are still healing (varying much by subrace).

Aldarion was made military governor of Alfendi for a time while the western part of the Waletku Kingdom was resecured, even though Prince Thasifel Reghlevon was the ranking noble in the region, because the prince had been allowed to stay in the city during the Drow occupation and had to reassert his loyalty to the king.

  • 13 to 17 J.R.: Aldarion and Thalissa return to Greyhauk and assist the living legends in assaults on the Underdark and into an alternate future New York City, continuing the fight against the nefarious Drow. Galion occasionally jaunts back to party with Isaac and Crunch.
  • 18 J.R.: Faelonia Telcontar marries Grey Elf (and former assassin) “Shea” [Peter D./N.P.C.] and bears a Demi-Elven child three years later. Many dignitaries attend the wedding, including “Ke Tan Ito” [Bill A.R.], Crunch, and Frolick.
  • 24 J.R.: Half-Elf “Arlon Luincolla” [Gene D.] is born to Galion and Adrienne in the town of Bloodstone.
  • 32 J.R.: Half-Elf “Galia Luincolla” [Angela B.R.] is born to Galion and Adrienne.
  • c. 40 J.R. [2012 real-time]: Aldarion rejoins Athward, “T’orent” [Kim A.G.], Crunch, and “Kyle” [Andy M.] to help Branador free his son from a curse. They successfully raid a necromancer’s tower and, with help from extraplanar entities, defeat numerous Undead.
  • 50 J.R.: Arlon joins the children of the living legends on their first adventures, and as a reprimand for his insubordination and thievery, is sent to the Templars for training (1990).
  • 52 J.R.: Galia begins adventuring in Greyhauk [1991 in Queens, New York].

Adventuring Party I (9 of 39) in “Oerth IV:”

  • “MacPherson” [John Z.G./Non-Player Character]-male “Leprechaun Thief/Illusionist”; Align. CG (LG), Lvl. 16
  • “Thalissa Telcontar” [John Z.G.]-female Nannuattan (eastern Dark Elf) Fighter/Mage, wife of “Aldarion” and mother of Aralion and “Faelonia” [Dexter V.H.]; LNg, Lvls. 8/2
  • “Rick” [John Z.G./N.P.C.]-former captain of the Intrepid; Templar fighting the Scarlet Brotherhood with Semball; LNg, Lvl. 10
  • “T’orent” [Kim A.G.]-female fire goddess (Mage), mother of protector of Aquitane, with skunk familiar Flower; CNg, Lvl. 17?
  • “Frolick…” [Kim A.G.]-male Surface Gnome Fighter/Illusionist and swashbuckler, with partner Hassan; CGn, Lvls. 7/7
  • “Mouse/Ereval” [Steven A.L.]-male Half-Elf Ranger/king, with sword Black Razor; NGc, Lvl. 16
  • “Branador the Bold” [Steve A.L.]-male Harfoot Halfling Rogue, founder of a merchant guild that specializes in contract law, married with a son (kidnapped) and a daughter, plus familiars Sobra the owl and aurumvorax Aryae; CGn, Lvl. 18
  • “Athward” [Dave F.R.-B.]-male Guardian (knight), ruler of Aquitaine with “T’orent”; LGn, Lvl. 17
  • “…Crunch” [Corbin A.Y.]-male Ogre Fighter and master smith; CNg, Lvl. 16
  • “Kyle” [Andy M.]-male winged folk Destructor traveling with rabbit familiar Bracer; CGn, Lvl. 15
  • “Kanashi/George” [Mark Z.G.]-male human Monk; LGn, Lvl. 13

Other allies and followers:

  • “Argon Sindarin” [John Z.G./N.P.C.]-male Guardian and follower of Ra
  • “Ferdella” [Steve A.L.]-female high priestess of Bast, with Destra
  • “Galion Luincolla” [Gene D.]-male Sylvan Elf Ranger, with Glissan Luinar and Heart Bow Alvia, mistress of stealth; NGc, Lvl. 15
  • “Lady Faelonia Telcontar” [Dexter V.H.]-female Drow (western Dark Elf) Ranger, ambassador and adoptive daughter of Aldarion & Thalissa; NGl, Lvl. 12
  • “Balaim Bearclaw” [John J.G.]-male Mountain Dwarf Ranger/Druid, co-founder of “Morbaltek” with “Vortanus” [David A.H.]; CGn, Lvl. 9/11 (met around 1234 B.C.E./57 J.R.)
  • Aralion Telcontar [N.P.C.]-young son of Aldarion and Thalissa
  • Shanamir [N.P.C.]-male Grey Elf Ranger, steward of Gen. Aldarion in Olendi; NGl, Lvl. 4
  • Eris Charidel [N.P.C.]-female Grey Elf Wizard; LNg, Lvl. 3
  • Delembror [N.P.C.]-male Sylvan Elf Commoner, innkeeper of the “Princess’ Pumps” tavern; CGn, Lvl. 2
  • Adinel [N.P.C.]-female Sylvan Elf Commoner, nurse to Aralion; NGl, Lvl. 4

Stronghold: Village of Olendi, in the Waletku kingdom of the Elves, Wisalef Forest, in the “Vanished Lands” (reached via Transfer Portals)

Aldarion Telcontar

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