human sorcerer


Human Sorcerer – Wild Magic
Level 1
Alignment – CG (NG tendencies, or vice versa)

Str – 12 +1
Dex – 13 +1
Con – 15 +2
Int – 13 +1
Wis – 9 -1
Cha – 16 +3

AC 11
Hit Points 8
Initiative +1

Staff 1d6 (Versatile 1d8) bludgeoning
Dagger 1d4 piercing

Minor Illusion
Shocking Grasp
Blade Ward
(Level 1)
Silent Image

Special abilities:
Advantage on one roll, once per session.
When casting a spell, roll a d20; a ‘1’ is a wild magic event.

Trained skills: Arcana (3), Deception (5), Sleight of Hand (3), Persuasion (5)

Background: Charlatan
Scam: Trade Junk for money
Personality – easily falls in/out of love
Ideal – determined to make something of himself
Bonds [common – powerful person killed someone I love – parents]
Flaw – sucker for a pretty face

Small Belt Pouch
Book, Ink, pen
linen keffiyeh
Disguise kit
Forgery kit


Smrithi’s family came from across the great deserts far to the east to work for Pharaoh, after having heard of his legendary construction projects. Smrithi’s mother and father were joint architects and builders; with pharaoh coming personally to the temple’s ordination, the ceremony was to become a gateway to move on to greater and more ambitious projects. Smrithi was barely six years old when they were killed by the Nile accident, leaving him an orphan with no known relatives. All he has left is the memory of his parents telling him that he was special. As a teenager, his magic talents manifested; the temple tried to guide Smrithi to scholarly studies, but with his mercurial personality it didn’t take. Instead Smrithi frequently found himself in trouble; when he couldn’t talk his way out, his friends would vouch for him; when that didn’t work the temple would (at times reluctantly) claim him.


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